UNHIDE Psoriasis

Over 8,300 participants from 31 countries shared their experiences of living with Psoriasis and, for the first time, their perception of achieving clear skin. Of these, 215 participants were from India.

Supported by 25 patient organizations around the world, the Clear about Psoriasis survey is the largest global survey to date of people with psoriasis, revealing the hopes and aspirations of people living with the condition as well as the overwhelmingly low expectations of achieving clear skin.

Drawing insights from this, Novartis India has launched the ‘UNHIDE Psoriasis’ campaign to inspire people suffering with Psoriasis to open up and share their stories. The campaign stems from the most veiled feelings and experiences of men and women who are fighting this condition. It is about poignant human stories, each woven around an individual’s lone battles with the stigmas associated with Psoriasis. Stigmas that, most often than not, takes precedence over everything else that the condition brings along.

It encourages patients living with Psoriasis to initiate conversations with their Dermatologists about innovative medicines, such as biologics, which can help them achieve clear* skin.



*Clear – No Plaque elevation, erythema or scaling. Hyperpigmentation may be present.