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Track your Symptoms

Living with Psoriasis has unique challenges. In addition to the flares and remission, Psoriasis also impacts person’s quality of life.  It is important to keep a track on how you are doing with respect to your symptoms as well its impact on your daily activities. This will help you feel more in control of your condition. It can also help you to communicate better with your Dermatologist and will be an indicator to consult your skin doctor or Dermatologist immediately if needed.[1][2][3]

Tips to track symptoms and impact of Psoriasis[3][4][5][6]

Digital Camera

Digital camera or smart phone

Ask your family member to click pictures of your lesions in day light. This will help in knowing the progress of your lesions.

Daily record

Daily record

Keep a daily record of what you eat, drink and stressful time (if any). This will help you identify the triggers of your flares.

Weekly journal

Weekly journal

Fix a day and time of week to pen down the impact of Psoriasis on your life over the last week.

Visit your dermatologist

Visit your Dermatologist

Fix an appointment if you experience any worsening of symptoms (Psoriasis symptom tracker) or worsening impact on your life (DLQI).

Talk to your Dermatologist
about biologics for clear* skin

*No plaque elevation, erythema or
scaling, hyperpigmentation maybe present.

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