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Tips to stay confident while living with Psoriasis

Psoriasis is not who you are, it’s just a condition that you live with.
Staying confident about yourself, irrespective of your skin condition is important. Accepting the patchy, itchy skin might seem difficult at first, but once you do, it will give you a push beyond your comfort zone. The reduced impact of Psoriasis on your emotional well-being will also improve your interaction with people.
Here are some ways that can help you stay confident and cope with Psoriasis emotionally.[1]

Understand Psoriasis thoroughly[2]

Knowledge boosts your self-esteem. Getting to know more about Psoriasis – its nature, triggers, flares, treatment options, and management techniques will help you stay in the know and enlighten others too!

Understand Psoriasis thoroughly
Have honest conversations [2]

Psoriasis not only affects you but also people around you. Talk openly and honestly with your family, friends, and classmates/colleagues about what Psoriasis is. Prepare yourself to answer the many questions they may have about Psoriasis. It will help both you and them be comfortable around each other and bond well.

Have honest conversations
Partner with your Dermatologist to find a treatment that works [1]

Finding an effective treatment plan can help you take control of your condition. Also, having clear skin can naturally boost your confidence.

Partner with dermatologist
Join a support group [1]

Support groups help you stay motivated. Being with people, who, like you, battle Psoriasis daily becomes a source of inspiration and knowledge.

Join a support group
Be more than Psoriasis [2]

It is important to realise that Psoriasis is not your identity, it is a medical condition you’re living with. Focus on what you want to achieve as a person. Always remember, you are defined by your personality, not Psoriasis.

Be more than Psoriasis
Focus on positive things [2]

Whenever you feel embarrassed or frustrated by Psoriasis, try shifting your focus to the positive things in life. Remind yourself of your strengths and achievements. Visualize achieving your dreams and talk to people who make you feel good about yourself.

Focus on positive things
Take care of your health [2]

Being healthy concerns both your mind and body. Eat a well-balanced diet, have an active lifestyle, find a hobby that keeps you positive and away from stress, and get enough rest.

Take care of your health

Don’t hesitate to connect with the Dermatologist whenever you find yourself struggling with Psoriasis. S/he can guide you towards living with confidence and coping with your disease better. They might also refer you to a therapist, if required, to address your specific concerns. Get hold of your mental health and your Psoriasis symptoms through regular treatment. With a positive attitude, stay focused on managing and living better with Psoriasis.