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Is my Psoriasis treatment working?

Psoriasis is a unique condition where the symptom type and severity often differs from one individual to another, which makes treating Psoriasis a highly individualistic process. A treatment that works for one individual may not necessarily work for another and this could be one of the reasons why treating Psoriasis can be a process of trial and error.[1] While there are many treatment options available for Psoriasis, it is important to find one that works best for you.

For a given Psoriasis treatment plan, you may not know what results to expect and when. So how do you know if your treatment is working? This is where defining treatment goals comes into picture.

Defining treatment goals should be a joint decision made by you and your Dermatologist. The ideal goal of Psoriasis treatment is that psoriatic plaques should not cover more than 1% of your body surface area.[2] ( Note: For better perspective, your entire hand (palm, fingers, thumb) amount to 1% of  your body surface area.)[3]

It can take approximately 3 months to see the impact of treatment. At some point you may need more than one medication, at other times you may find that a treatment that worked for you initially has stopped working.  It is important to consult your Dermatologist to discuss next steps especially if, at the end of 3 months, you do not see any effect or just minimal effect.[2]

A lot of queries surround the treatment of Psoriasis. Learning more about them will help you initiate a conversation with your Dermatologist.

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about your Psoriasis treatment[3]

How long do I have to wait to see my lesions improve?

Ideally, you should expect to see a reasonable improvement in symptoms within three months of treatment. If you experience some degree of improvement after 3 months, you may want to stay on your ongoing treatment for at least another 3 months to see if you can achieve the target treatment goal.


I don’t see much improvement with my treatment even after waiting for six months. What should I do?

Consulting your Dermatologist would be best as s/he may consider altering the dose or switching to another treatment option which may work better.

Does everyone have to be on the same treatment to achieve these treatment goals?

No. there’s no defined treatment to achieve the targets. The type of treatment that may work for you depends on factors like lifestyle, age, medical conditions etc. Teaming up with your Dermatologist would help in creating a treatment plan best suited for you to achieve clear skin.

How should I assess the improvement in my Psoriasis symptoms as a result of treatment?

Tracking Psoriasis symptoms helps in assessing the effectiveness of the treatment. Use the ‘symptom tracker’ every week to check the improvement.[3][4] Clicking pictures of the lesions and maintaining a weekly journal about your Psoriasis experience might also help keep track of disease progression.[4]

Psoriasis is a chronic condition that does not have a cure yet. However, there are many treatment options available that can help manage and improve your symptoms.[1] Your Dermatologist would be the best judge about which treatment would work best for you. It is important that you are aware of the outcomes of each treatment option. Having a frank conversation with your Dermatologist can be the key to understand the pros and cons of  the various treatment options available for Psoriasis  and making an informed decision with regards to your Psoriasis treatment plan.

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