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It’s time to talk Psoriasis

Having a conversation about Psoriasis might seem difficult but it is important to make people around you understand what it is and the ways it affects you. You are likely to get better support from others when they have a fair idea of how Psoriasis impacts your life. Opening up about Psoriasis gives you the opportunity to clear the various misconceptions surrounding it. Once people understand Psoriasis well, they are likely to feel more comfortable around you.

Preparing yourself to break the ice and open up to others is the first step towards having a frank conversation about your condition. Prior planning about the topics you want to discuss, will make the task easier.

Here are some tips that can help you discuss Psoriasis with ease:

1. Pick a convenient time to start the conversation

Initiate the conversation when both of you are comfortable talking about the condition. Pick a place that makes you both feel relaxed.[1]

2. Start with the basics

Psoriasis is not a very well-known condition and people often tend to confuse it with other ailments, like eczema. Discuss the many facts and try to dispel the myths that surround the condition, especially the myth about Psoriasis being contagious.[2]

3. Express your feelings

Sharing your emotions, positive or negative, with someone who cares for you, will help you manage your condition better. It will also help others understand what you are going through and allow them to be more considerate.[1]

4. Stay open to follow-up conversations

Sometimes people may not know how to react or what to ask about Psoriasis at the time of your discussion.  Be open to having follow-up conversations that may crop up at a later date.[1]

Don’t let your inhibitions hamper your ability to socialise and build strong bonds. Getting help and support from people that matter will make your journey with Psoriasis much easier. Allow your loved ones to participate in your day-to-day experiences of managing Psoriasis. Be clear about how they can help and what you expect from them. Stay positive and live better with Psoriasis.[2]