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The Impact of Psoriasis

A person affected with Psoriasis is the centre of a web of relationships. His/her altered health condition impacts the lives of everyone around.[1] As a caregiver or a family member, it is important that you are aware of the impact of Psoriasis on the overall well-being of the sufferer.

Psoriasis impacts overall quality of life, from the choice of clothes, to the way symptoms are managed. Professional and personal life is impacted, bringing on feelings of isolation and self-doubt.[2]

It is important that those dealing with Psoriasis and or Psoriatic Arthritis are encouraged to:

  • Manage symptoms better.
  • Deal with triggers.
  • Keep track of symptoms.
  • Handle Psoriasis in the outside world (at work/school).
  • Deal with anxiety and depression.
  • Check their risk for developing Psoriatic Arthritis.

Take active steps to encourage your family member/spouse/child or friend who is dealing with Psoriasis and empower them to take active steps to unhide.

Increase your 'Psoriasis Knowledge'

Download tools to help them 'Stay on track'

Talk to your Dermatologist
about biologics for clear* skin

*No plaque elevation, erythema or
scaling, hyperpigmentation maybe present.


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