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Handling Psoriasis at work

Psoriasis impacts every aspect of your life, from choosing your clothes to mingling at the workplace. Highly visible symptoms like scaling, rash and redness, continuously changing symptom severity, complex treatment regimens and skin care routines, and exposure to environmental triggers like weather all affect the professional life.[1][3]

Research shows that Psoriasis might lead to occupational changes, more use of sick leaves, need for modifications at the workplace and early retirement. However, it is important to understand that these difficulties don’t have to limit your professional life and stop you from becoming a productive employee.[2]

Here are various ways in which you can effectively manage Psoriasis at the workplace and be successful in your professional life:

Communicate about your condition:
An easy approach to avoid confusion about your disease is to be open about it.[2] Sharing the truth and answering questions might be beneficial to build a supportive relationship with your manager and colleagues.[2]

Work with your Dermatologist:
Heed your Dermatologist’s advice carefully.[2] It is important that you stick to your treatment plan even while you are in office. Make routine moisturising, compliance to other therapies and keeping up with your Dermatologist appointment a priority.

Remember, non-adherence to therapy can worsen your symptoms.[4]

Educate yourself:
Learning about your condition will help you deal with it better. Learn about how Psoriasis affects your body and how you can avoid triggers that may cause worsening of your condition. Understand that stress plays an important role in worsening your symptoms. Figure out a way to manage your workload without overwhelming or stressing yourself out.[2]

Practice self-care:
Self-care involves receiving proper sleep, diet, exercise and being stress-free.[2]It is important that you keep itch-relieving topical treatment and moisturisers handy for immediate symptom relief.[5]

Managing Psoriasis can be a difficult task especially during your working hours. Keeping communication lines open with your manager and co-workers, discussing your problems with your Dermatologist, educating yourself on the disease, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can help you Unhide Psoriasis and increase your productivity at work.[2]

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