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Who doesn’t like to dress well? It’s possible even when you live with Psoriasis – the condition need not come in the way. With a little attention to clothing choices, you can overcome the dressing struggle with Psoriasis – be it self-consciousness in social situations or finding fabrics that don’t irritate the Psoriatic skin lesions.

Here are some handy tips to help you dress right, look good and feel comfortable while preventing Psoriasis flares:

Wear loose clothes: Tight clothes can rub against your skin lesions and may make the Psoriasis symptoms worse. Wearing loosely fitting clothes and undergarments may help.[1]

Select the right fabric: Some fabrics, like wool and synthetic fibres, can further irritate your already itchy skin. They tend to tug on your lesions and make them bleed. Choose breathable, soft fabrics like cotton, or silk blends that feel smooth on your skin.[2]

Choose the right clothes for exercise: Exercising can produce sweat and moisture which can irritate sensitive skin. Wear clothes that absorb moisture and keep your skin from irritation.[2]

Use the right detergent: Detergents containing too much fragrance and chemicals can worsen your sensitive, itchy skin. Liquid detergents may be preferred over solid ones as they dissolve better and may not stick to the clothes.[1]

Wear light colours: Prefer the use of light coloured, printed clothes as they can reduce the visibility of plaques and lesions.[1]

Wear comfortable shoes: Avoid uncomfortable shoes made of stiff materials and tight toe boxes as they can worsen the affected area around your feet. Wear soft, breathable socks to help reduce friction between the skin and shoes.[2]

Psoriasis cover-up tip:

A well-placed scarf or stole could be a good cover-up strategy, especially for plaques around the neck and shoulders. It also helps accentuate your clothes and works well especially during the cold winter months. Choose a scarf made of natural fibres like silk or cotton to avoid irritating inflamed skin.[3]

In addition to clothing choices, don’t forget to moisturise your skin and adhere to the treatment prescribed by your Dermatologist. This will help you manage symptoms well and prevent flare-ups. Blending a positive approach with practicality will help you ‘Unhide to be your best’.

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