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Caring and Supporting those with Psoriasis

If you are a caregiver for someone with Psoriasis and or Psoriatic Arthritis, we will try and help you better understand what he/she is going through and how you can support him/her in their Psoriasis journey.

Here are some tips to show your support:

Caring and Supporting

Know that the condition is chronic, it is not curable, but is treatable.

Psoriasis and Covid 19 toolkit

Understand that Psoriasis is not contagious. It doesn't spread by touching/hugging/kissing.

Psoriasis treatment options

Learn more about the various treatment options available.

Visiting dermatologist together

Be present with him/her (if possible) for the Dermatologist visit

Improve Lifestyle

Empower him/her to take steps to improve their lifestyle

Psoriasis support group

Encourage him/her to join a Psoriasis support group

Talk to your Dermatologist
about biologics for clear* skin

*No plaque elevation, erythema or
scaling, hyperpigmentation maybe present.

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