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Can skin injuries impact Psoriasis?

Worsening Psoriasis symptoms could be a result of one or more factors known as triggers. These triggers may be different for each individual.[1] Skin injuries may act as one such trigger for worsening Psoriasis symptoms in some people. In fact, even a pin prick or a mosquito bite can trigger a new Psoriasis patch.[2][3] This is more common when your flares are active. However, these kind of lesions mostly appear in areas that are not regularly affected by Psoriasis. The pace at which the lesion develops after an injury to the skin is different for different people, but it can range between 10 to 20 days.[2]

Anything that can change your skin from outside or inside may result in a flare. It cannot be said for sure what can make your skin respond to an injury the way it does.


Listed below are some probable causes of skin injury that could worsen Psoriasis symptoms:[2][3]
  • Animal bites, stings, burns, cuts, bumps
  • Rubbed or irritated skin, especially skin that is irritated by a buckle, strap or waistband
  • Conditions like eczema, rashes, infections, scabies, warts, or dermatitis
  • Allergic reactions
  • Sunburns
  • Surgical incisions
  • Injections
  • Tattoos and piercings   

Skin injury caused by everyday activities like shaving, manicuring nails, wearing ill-fitted shoes are also known to act as triggers to Psoriasis flares.[4]

Tips to avoid flares caused by skin injury

The best way to prevent Psoriasis flares is to be careful of skin injuries, especially if you have a tendency for flares. Here are some precautions you can take:[2][4]

Tips to manage
  • Treat the skin quickly after an injury
  • Clean and cover the wound to avoid infection
  • Resist scratching or picking at plaques
  • Make skin care routine a part of your daily life
  • Adhere to Psoriasis treatment prescribed by your Dermatologist
  • Use sunscreen and protect your skin from sun
  • Wear full sleeves, pants, and gloves while doing chores that may cause any injury
  • In case of a cut or a bug bite, don’t panic and let it heal itself
  • Keep stress under control

Work with your Dermatologist to understand your triggers and act on them. The sooner you spot the signs, the earlier it can be treated. Injuries are a part of daily activities, so it is important you remain alert for any sign of injury and the consequences it can have on your Psoriasis. Make sure you inform your Dermatologist in case of an injury or flare up.

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