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5 Ways to Keep Psoriasis Flare-ups at Bay

Living with Psoriasis and managing its symptoms can prove to be very challenging. The varying severity of these symptoms only adds to the challenge.

A severe worsening of Psoriasis symptoms is called a ‘flare-up’, which is often ‘triggered’ by certain environmental or internal factors. These triggers vary from person to person and may range from stress to weather changes to infections and medications.[1]

Although you can’t get rid of them, it’s possible to minimize and manage Psoriasis flare-ups. Here are five ways in which you can do so.

1. Be regular with your medications:[2]

Taking your medications and adhering to skin care routines as directed by your Dermatologist is one of the most important steps to reduce flare-ups. Talk to your Dermatologist about flare-ups and always keep handy medications and other skin care products that are prescribed for use during these times.

2. Know your triggers:[3]

Learn to identify the factors that can trigger off a Psoriasis flare-up. Once you have identified your triggers, try your best to eliminate these from your surroundings or system. Keeping a symptom diary will help.

For example, if cold weather triggers your symptoms, prevent your skin from drying by generously moisturizing and drinking plenty of water.

3. Go out into the sunlight:[3]

Exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet B rays is known to reduce inflammation and thus benefit.

Psoriasis lesions. Your Dermatologist can guide you about the amount of sunshine right for you.

4. Reduce stress:[2][3]

There exists a strong connection between Psoriasis and stress.
Develop a habit of practicing yoga or meditation, exercising or keeping yourself engaged with the things you like to do.

5. Get support:[3]

Joining a support group can facilitate discussions and learning about Psoriasis symptoms and flare-ups. A support group is a good source of practical tips and hints for daily management of Psoriasis.

Psoriasis flare-ups are often unpredictable but incorporating these tips into your daily routine could help you to reduce their frequency and live better with Psoriasis.

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